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HD Fitness' Fit Kidz After School Program is a fun and motivating way to get your child(dren) engaged in healthy, curriculum based programming afterschool. This program is designed to empower children to become responsible for their own fitness and health.

Each classes provides comprehensive activities, fitness and health content, intentional fitness and motor skill development on such things as fundamental nutrition, fitness and health to students. This program is ideal for children that not only need and want to be active after school but for those that need an outlet and don't have a constructive one. Let HD Fitness shape your child(ren) into responsible and confident adults. Contact us for more details.


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At HD Fitness we want to ensure today's youth get the many benefits that come from starting an exercise regimen early in life. With obesity now being an epidemic and children exercising less and less in school and outside of school, it is becoming harder and harder for parents and teachers alike to instill these healthy habits to the children.

Don't accept things the way they are. Let HD Fitness put the "Fit" back in fitness for your child(ren) with our In School Fitness Programs. Our Fit Kidz program is designed to get kids more engaged in their health and fitness; while teaching lifelong skills and healthy habits that will follow them into adulthood. Contact us for more details.