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Most elite athletes utilize a strength and conditioning specialist to improve their raw physical abilities, from high school stars to future hall of famers. When you hire a professional to train your child, you are giving them a competitive edge. This edge may make the difference during tryouts or it may even lead to collegiate scholarships. Here at HD Fitness we have had the privilege of helping athletes of all ages reach the next level. We even had the honor of witnessing some of our athletes compete at state championships, play at the collegiate level, and even receive full ride scholarships.


Our athletes have been so successful because we take the time to understand what level they are at before we design a program. All of our programs begin with a biomechanical analysis, which is essentially a breakdown of the joint movements, muscles, and energy systems needed to be successful within their given sport. Then we progress into an itemization of chronic and acute injuries that are common in their sport. After we ascertain this information we then begin to put together a day-to-day program. It is important to note that we always start our athletes out slowly and then progress when we see fit.  All this will ultimately help in injury prevention, which is obviously a huge part of success in any sport. Any athlete will tell you that missing playing time due to an injury, acute or chronic, is a major setback. By limiting their chance of injury you increase their likelihood of success.


We utilize a multidimensional approach when we train our athletes. What this means is that we incorporate different types of training to improve: speed, agility, strength, endurance, power, flexibility, sport specific motor patterns, body awareness, and mental toughness. All of these aspects are important for developing a well-rounded athlete.  Whether you are looking to better your athlete’s performance for a competitive or recreational settings, we here at HD Fitness are ready to maximize their training results.